My Little Homemaking Habits

By no means am I an expert homemaker. It's actually quite natural for me to be a procrastinating, unorganized, messy home keeper. With that in mind, I try to maintain my home in the most efficient and easy way possible. I've instilled helpful little habits into my daily routine, striving to intentionally keep a tidy and comfortable retreat for my family. Above all, I want to glorify God in this blessed role that He has so graciously given me!

Corinthians 10:31
Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (NASB)

It's true, in my home the tidiness can disappear pretty quickly. I found that maintenance is the key. Here are some of the things I try to accomplish each day which help me be a more consistent homemaker.
  • Remember why you do it! You are serving and obeying God in the role He has blessed you with. As your husband's helper, you are keeping your home a lovely place to share with him. You are blessing your children and making an inviting place to fellowship with and witness to whomever God brings into your home.
  • If you are struggling with homemaking, pray. God changed my heart!
  • If something bothers you, take care of it right then. It's safe to say that it won't go away on its own! This could be something like a smudge on the wall or a dusty light fixture.
  • Try to complete one load of laundry everyday (If I don't have a full load then I wait till the next day).
  • Clean the shower while in the shower.
  • Keep a box easily accessible so you can stash anything unneeded into which you come across during the day. Then it's all ready to be donated or sold in a garage sale.
  • If something needs to be done and it takes less than 5 minutes, just do it!
  • Try to maintain continuous home keeping from morning till night. (No more dirty dish overload pileup at the end of the day!)
  • Besides all the normal daily responsibilities around the home, do at least 15 minutes of extra cleaning/organizing. I like this because it gives me a doable goal which I can easily complete even if I don't feel like doing any more work. This goal serves as a great motivator. Sometimes you just need to get started! A lot of the time I clean for longer than 15 minutes (like today when I cleaned and vacuumed out the car).
  • Make a list of all those bigger things which need to be done (there is a sort of satisfaction when crossing stuff off).
  • Use the time you are cleaning to pray, sing and be thankful to our glorious God!
  • After the kids go to bed, do a final tidy up.
There you have it! Thankfully, these things have helped me better maintain our home. It just feels really good when I can keep up with it all. I'm learning and trying to find easier ways of daily homemaking as I go. It's such a blessing to have this wonderful God given role!

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  1. Prayer is such an important key to resolving any struggle in life but we so often forget to do it!

  2. God continue to bless your efforts and heart... always growing...a lovely family and home.