A Box in My Closet and Less Clutter in My Home

Organization and I haven't always gotten along. I often struggled with this skill, especially when it came to drawers crammed with "stuff" and those bundles of weird tangled wires. I found myself wondering, "How can I keep my home organized?"  

Glory to God, I'm growing in the ability to organize. He has opened my eyes to the importance of blessing my family with an organized, clean, peaceful home and He is helping me learn little habits to better control the clutter. I love where the Lord has me right now, serving in my home and I seek to please Him. I'm nowhere near perfect but I'm improving.

It's amazing to reflect on my prayers! I actually had been praying for a change of attitude, to like doing all the housework that I faced each day. God answered my prayers bountiful by giving me a love for homemaking! He is faithful! What a blessing it is to see God's hand working in my life!    

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. Proverbs 14:1

Something that really is helpful to me in my endeavor to keep a more organized home is the diaper box I keep in a my closet. I simply mark an empty box's sides "yard sale" and little by little it miraculously fills up with various things. Having a spot dedicated to "the box" in my closet is the key. This makes it easy to pack away unneeded things that I come across daily. It's in a very accessible spot and I know it will only take a couple of seconds to stash in there. When filled, the box is closed and stacked in the garage, where a tower is being built out of packed yard sale boxes. It's encouraging to watch the tower grow over the months.

I'm grateful all those boxes are filled with stuff that isn't cluttering our home anymore. This is just one easy ongoing practice which I've found makes a big difference.

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