Laundry Everyday

As a former disorganized home keeper, I am constantly trying to keep my daily home-tiding routine manageable. In my effort to rearrange the chaos, I was pleased to find there is a much better way to do the laundry. Incorporating one load into my daily schedule has been the answer. This is such an easy practice. It doesn't take much effort or time. Keeping up with the laundry is no longer overwhelming. When the daily load is washed and dried, I quickly fold it and put it away, no problem.

The benefits are numerous.
 No longer am I overwhelmed by piles of dirty clothes.  
No longer am I overwhelmed with multiple baskets of clothes to fold. 
We always have clean clothes.
I don't have to spend all day doing laundry.
Completing one load is a satisfying goal to complete each day. 

Now that I'm doing the laundry continuously, I don't have a full load everyday. I wait until I have a complete load, giving me a day off every so often.

Little things like this laundry routine are helping me keep a cleaner house for my family. The ability to have a more organized, peaceful lifestyle is such a blessing. God is teaching me so much about the beauty of order and graciously answering my prayers to be a better homemaker. Praises to Him!

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