Less Paper, More Cloth in the Kithchen

My next goal is to get my family off paper towels. Using less paper products in general would be a great accomplishment. Some determined families actually made the switch to cloth t.p. and pads. That is a little extreme for us at this point but using cloth in the kitchen seems very doable. I've come across some encouraging success stories and my family is willing.

Digging deep into our linen/towel chest, I was pleased to find many usable cloths which previously had no purpose. Little baby wash clothes, dampened a bit, are perfect for wiping messes off my toddler and preschooler. Car washing and drying rags which long ago were used once or twice do the trick for wiping down counter tops. Many various towel-like items also emerged from the depths of our wooden chest. It didn't take me long to realize that paper towel alternatives are abundant in my home.

It would be fun to go buy some super cute cloths, preferably a fresh green color to compliment my kitchen. Our family is trying to live more frugally so I will have to put that on hold. I will just make do with what I already have. Anyway, it would be sad to use a really cute little cloth to wipe the spaghetti sauce off the floor. My not-so-special mismatched cloths/towels will be just the right thing, and I'm thankful to put them to good use.

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