Glory to God in Whatever You Do

1 Corinthians 10:31

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (NASB)

I need the beautiful wisdom of this verse, daily, minute by minute.... (really, every second.)

Through His words, my selfish heart is provided with the reminder that no matter what I'm doing, it all should be done to the glory of God! That changes everything doesn't it? It changes the way my attitude and reactions to situations should be. Each day is filled with many opportunities for my heart and mind to be redirected for the purpose of bringing glory to God. 


Lately, I've found myself cleaning up a lot of unexpected messes. This has a little bit to do with my very sweet and experimental baby boy who is not yet 2 years old. He has a love for creating mixtures such as the cat food soup (ingredients: cat food, water) which I found being happily dumped all over the floor today. This was just another little thing which popped into my day. Unfortunately, my attitude while freshening up the floors was not very beautiful. Certainly, it wasn't glorifying to God.

I'm so thankful that God lets me know when I'm acting out of His will, moment by moment. Conviction truly is a blessing.

The Lord let me know that glorifying Him in messy situations means to die to my own selfish reaction and praise Him for giving me the ability to repent and turn from my ugly sinful nature, only by the grace of God! I realize just turning from the sin of my natural reactions and looking to God brings Him glory.

This verse comes into my mind very often when I get angry, frustrated, annoyed, discouraged and worried. All those awful feeling, which regretfully occur far to often.      

It is encouraging to know that we can glorify God in every situation we find ourselves in. God blesses me with the reminder of this beautiful command everyday. I hope you too will be blessed with its true wisdom.

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  1. Great post, Ryshel! You are so right that we need to remember this verse every minute of every day! It is so easy to get distracted and focus on ourselves and our problems, rather than on God, and doing everything for His glory!